Thursday, February 21, 2008

Nerdery Week, Day 5

I thought today I'd show off my religious nerdery and my new nerd space. Sorry guys, no video today.

My friend, Orianna Kurrus, gave this chest to me when she moved a few years back. The chest sports a host of cave type paintings and a Pope head superimposed over a Shiva body. Buddha and Quan Yin are hanging out together, and I've got my menorah set up. I also am a big fan of incense and candles, so they're all there, too. Jesus decided to join the party, even though he's slowly being buried under an avalanche of stuff, and yes, that is a stuffed sperm off to the side. The painted tray was painted by my mom.

The top of the chest holds an assortment of religious statues and artifacts for ritual. The Shiva/Pope is shown in better detail, as well as the Prehistoric cave painting designs. The blue fairy was a Christmas gift from my mom.

In one special section, I've got a stone with a Star of David, pottery from Israel, a pet rock, and a squirrel carved from some mystery substance.

I just set up my new computer desk/work station. I've got both my laptops side by side and am currently watching the first episode of Red Dwarf on Netflix. I think I'm going to like this setup a lot more than the old one. I can watch movies on my computers from my bed and keep both laptops on a safe, level surface.

I've got my computers set up with a portable keyboard and mouse, so my wrists stop aching.

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Thomas Kingsley Troupe said...

And here I thought my 'Jesus Hates It When You Smoke' ashtray and Jesus puppet were cool.

I only wish the pictures were bigger to see the detail. Nonetheless, this is a different breed of nerdery. Absolutely fascinating!

Promise us a video before the week is up!

Pure nerdy sweetness!

Catherine J Gardner / Phoenix Rendell said...

A pet rock!!! Now that is nerdy.

Wendy Withers said...

What's sad is I adopted the pet rock from someone who couldn't keep it.

Joeprah said...

Hey! I just linked to you in my nerd post. I am glad I read your nerdy posts they are awesome! Nerd solidarity.