Friday, July 25, 2008

The makeover of Wendy Withers

I won a full makeover (i.e. hair and facial, etc.) in a contest, so next week I will be transforming into a whole new me!

I will be using this opportunity to make the Wendy outside look a lot more like the Wendy inside. (The Wendy inside has crazy hair and looks pretty darned cool, while the Wendy outside, on most days, looks like she stepped out of her mother's yearbook from the 1950s.)

So, I am excited over a girly thing like a makeover. Part of me is worried about my tomboyish soul, but another part is thrilled that I will be getting an edgy update. I may post pictures, if I can hijack a camera by next Wednesday.

Wish me luck!

1 comment:

Rebecca Hennessy said...

Belatedly, good luck, Wendy.

Better yet, where's the new "you" posted? Was experience a little like the "What Not to Wear" or the (cringe) "let's put you in a glass box in the middle of town square so everyone can laugh about how ancient you look" makeover show?

--Becky Hennessy. I stumbled upon you at Wired Journalists. I see that you've chosen WordPress for your resume and Blogspot for your Web site. Same here, though I'm just getting set up now....