Thursday, January 10, 2008

Getting my monies

So far, all of my Pay Per Post payments have come on schedule. I have half the monies I earned, and I will be getting the other half in the next few days.

The downside is because of my schedule at work, and because people jump on writing opportunities, and because a lot of the advertisers don't want Blogspot or Wordpress blogs in their postings, I haven't earned very much. However, it has been enough to earn a little spending money on the side and get used to a paid blogging system.

I have a few projects I'm looking at for the months leading to graduation.

In 15 minutes, it will be 113 days and counting.

I've turned in my graduation application. I no longer have a minor, because I decided to take Israeli Films and Fiction instead of an anthro class I would hate but would give me the last three credits towards my minor.

I'm pretty happy with my schedule now.

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