Friday, January 18, 2008


A few years ago, I was on duty for the security firm I used to work for. I was posted at a gate situated on a very dusty dirt road, making sure paintball teams were entering the fields and the fans were staying out at a local tournament. That was my first taste of paintball; because of errant pellets from the teams' guns, I had little bruises all over my body and paint splatters all over my company-issued polo shirt. Surprisingly enough, I loved the unexpected surprise of getting hit by random paintballs. Thus begun my infatuation with the sport.

I haven't played much since that day, but when I have it's been memorable. Even though I think of myself as the ultimate pacifist, the thought of sneaking around and shooting people with hard capsules filled with paint exhilarates me. The added pain when a pellet hits makes it a lot more exciting than laser tag.

Like everything else in my life, paintball is limited by my lack of funds. And, most of the guys I know don't think of asking the lone girl to come with when they play. So, paintballers out there, if you have a girl friend who hangs out with you a lot, think of asking her to come along the next time you go out to the field.

I've been nosing around Ultimate Paintball, and I think if I were to shell out the money for my own paintball set, I'd go for one of the spyder paintball guns. The sets available wouldn't set me back too much, and I'd get pretty much everything I'd need to get started. Then, of course, with paintballs, cleaning kits, the special playing clothes, and different upgrades (all available through Ultimate Paintball), paintball would slowly eat away at all of my money until I was forced out onto the street. Computers are already doing this to me, so I guess I can always dream.

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WKnapik said...

My friends and I used to play paintball all the time.So much fun.I haven't played in about 1 1/2 years, but I still have my gun.When/if you get your gun, make sure you completely disassemble and reassemble it a few times before using it.That little bit of practice will come in handy when you take it apart for the first time to clean it.
One time when playing, someone shot me through my mask and the painball hit me in the mouth.That stung a bit.

Anonymous said...

My experience with paintball so far is people handing me a gun and showing me how to shoot it. I usually get out very quickly, so no one's really showed me how to even put the balls in it.

Although, I do have experience disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling military rifles.

God, I'm so creepy...