Thursday, January 10, 2008

My dream art collection

If I could build an art collection for my home (preferably my future home will be a palatial country estate or a converted urban hotel) I would build a collection dominated by Dali and Goya. Some Picassos would be thrown in there as well. And, of course, my collection wouldn't be complete without art by Orianna Kurrus displayed prominently on my walls.

Acquiring a Picasso, Goya, or Dali seemed horribly, and unfairly, out of reach. I don't have the money for such a purchase, and buying a piece by one of the masters is impossible, right?

Not so, thanks to Park West Art Gallery. The gallery has a significant fine art catalog available on PDF; it includes works by the masters listed above, and more. (Unfortunately, they do not offer paintings by Orianna Kurrus at this time.)

Because of the cruise they offer, I can now fantasize about a vacation on the high seas mingled with the excitement of a high-stakes art auction. Thank you, Park West Art Gallery, for adding to my dreams.

The picture was taken from Orianna Studios. This was a sponsored post.

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