Sunday, January 6, 2008

Writing delayed

I've been working about 40 hours a week at the bookstore, and my writing, on all fronts, has suffered.

When I get home, I'm usually just not in the mood to write. I'd rather knit and watch old episodes of Buffy I have on DVD.

However, I'm seriously thinking about submitting to Yes Means Yes, a feminist response to the rape issue. I still have some time to pull something together.

Tomorrow starts a new semester, the first semester in my graduate career. My graduate level course is a multimedia journalism course; I read over the syllabus, and it scares me. But, I'm going to take the jump anyways and see where it takes me. At the least, I'll be learning flash, video and audio editing and buying my own Web site domain. I have no reason not to face this head on; everyone knows fear is the mind killer, and I must face my fear.

I graduate in May, then I'm joining the working world for a few years to pay off student loans and broaden my horizons. Eventually, I really want to work towards a master's in cultural reporting at NYU. I enjoy dreaming big.


WKnapik said...

I think you'll be fine in your classes.Don't let them scare you.The effort will be well worth it.

wendylbolm said...

I feel better about it now that I've actually been to the graduate class. I made a friend! Although, on the spur of the moment, I dropped an Anthro class I decided I'd hate and registered for Israeli Film and Fiction. So, no Anthropology minor for me. It made me freak out a bit, but I think the Film and Fiction class will help me towards that cultural reporting degree, too.