Saturday, October 13, 2007

Friday’s fabulous fat chick (a day late): Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto’s voice is sultry; her songs are powerful. She fronts her own band, is a self-proclaimed fashion maven, and gorgeous, beautiful, and many more adjectives meant to describe women in a positive, physical light. What more can we love about her?

How about the fact Ditto is also a fat girl. One of many in the ranks of women who don’t fit in with mainstream pop culture’s narrow sense of beauty but doesn't care. Even Perez Hilton has taken notice.

So, beginning today (or yesterday, when this was supposed to go up), I’m going to showcase a big, beautiful babe on my blog, just to prove how many of us are out there, are powerful, and are making others take notice.

noticed Beth Ditto, so jump on the train!

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