Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This just in: men and women aren’t that different!

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and little kids in South Carolina are on two different planets in the way they are taught (see previous post on same-gender classes). So, it’s rational to expect scientific studies to follow the train of thought that men and women are so different, it’s like they live on separate planets, right?


According to Jeremy Dean on Psyblog, a study has been conducted proving men and women are similar. In fact, a quick perusal of his blog shows he often comes across psychological studies proving men and women aren’t that different after all.

The study by Janet Hyde of the University of Wisconsin showed that there are few differences when it comes to cognitive variables, communication, social and personality variables, psychological well-being, and motor behaviors and the least alike in sexuality, aggression, and motor performance.

What does this all mean? Men and women are the most different when it comes to sexually committed relationships, physical and other kinds of aggression, and physical abilities. So, when it comes to the fact middle school girls learn better in classes where they only have to deal with the raging hormones of other girls and are less distracted and nervous. However, tailoring classes to girls by having them learn about chemical compounds of blushes and figure out fractions by surveying each other about shyness and pet ownership isn’t if they don’t have anyone pressing their boundaries, comfort zones, and intellect.

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