Thursday, October 4, 2007

News done right

The News Journal in Delaware has produced an interesting, multimedia project on dwarfism. They have done an excellent job on reporting on the smaller people in our lives with respect and care while highlighting the difficulties they face in their lives.

The section on a little girl named Chloe is especially interesting; when she was born the doctors thought she was so small because she couldn’t get enough calories into her tiny body. Kelly Bothum reports the young girl had a feeding tube forced into her body for four years, even though she could eat fine on her own.

Chloe is a five-year-old who weighs 22 pounds and often gets stares and comments like “She must be a preemie.” At the same time, Bothum reports she is a regular kid full of energy who climbs over everything in her way.

I think this is a wonderful series about a group of people often ignored and misunderstood. What do you think?

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