Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday's fabulous fat chick: Divine

Sorry RuPaul, you're not my favorite man-t0-woman superstar. Instead, the lovely Miss Divine holds that honor.

Sure, you were in But I'm a Cheerleader, but you weren't even in drag! Plus, you're not fat. Not even a little. In fact, you're buff. Svelte. Divine has so much more to offer.

She was in Female Trouble. Pink Flamingos. She's John Waters's queen of trash. Even though she died in the 80s, she had a giant impact on pop culture. Think of where we'd be now if she'd never taken that role in Hairspray. Broadway would be a lot less fabulous.

So, once again, sorry Ru Paul. Divine has curves. She has an outrageous fashion sense and never jumped onto that mainstream bandwagon you perched yourself on for so long.

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WKnapik said...

It's kinda funny,that when I first saw Divine,I didn't know that she was really a he.He sold it well.RuPaul always looked like a drag queen though.