Sunday, November 4, 2007


Okay, I'm not a domestic woman. Especially not when I'm sick, like today. But, it doesn't matter. I live alone; I have to be domestic. Even if I'm sweaty and have a deep cough that makes my lungs hurt.

This rambling can all be traced back to feminism. I'm a feminist because I want to have options. I want to be able to go to school, work at a job I love, and live in my own glorious apartment for as long as it suits me. I want the same thing for men. I want each man alive on the earth to have the option not to marry, to live alone, work at a job he loves, and to follow his education as far as it takes him.

This probably seems like it will go to a long rant about feminism or lack of options in third world countries. However, in my delirious mind right now, it all makes sense, because it's all going back to domesticity. And, my lack of it.

I'm not a good cooker. I'm not a good cleaner. My idea of decorating is to slap as many pieces of art as I can onto the walls and (hopefully) make sure my sheets make their way back onto my bed at some point on laundry day. When it's time to sleep, I either slide all of the day's newspapers, books, and craft projects to the side or onto the trunk serving it's time as an end table next to my bed.

Fortunately, I don't have to be a domestic goddess. I have Teh Interweb. (That's "the internet" in silly internet speak, by the way.)

So, here are my top five sites for women like me, who are young, clueless when it comes to household matters, and want to enjoy a nice, quick bowl of miso soup when they're at home and sickly.

1. Fatfree Vegan Kitchen
Pretty much all of the recipes are quick, and many of them are kid-approved by the blogger's daughter, which means I will eat it even when I'm not in an adventurous mood.

2. Gothic Martha Stewart
Okay, I protest when people call me goth in real life. That doesn't mean I can't appreciate the more sensual, dark things in life.

3. The Crafty Chica
I love crafts. I love sugar skulls (even though I'd probably never eat them). I love color and projects to clutter up my house until I'm drowning in fun.

4. Method
Like many modern women, I have allergies. I also couldn't imagine sticking even gloved hands into a bucket full of bleach or breathing in the mustard gas concoctions my mother used to make to clean the house. Instead, I use Method supplies. They smell yummy, and the gingerbread scented soy candle I bought from Tarjay hasn't died yet, even though I bought it before Halloweenie.

5. Amazon
I need my books, and there's something about getting a package sent just to me that's pretty exciting, especially if it's a book.


WKnapik said...

Thanks for the vegan cooking link.I'm always on the lookout for interesting new things to cook.

Wendy Withers said...

I was going to post on your blog about how you need to start writing again so I can obsessively read your posts, but I think I wandered away from my computer in a daze. Home-made miso soup made me feel better, though. And, maybe the gallon of water I drank last night.

WKnapik said...

Obsessively reading my posts?Wow.Thank you.I've exercised the negativity out of my system and actually posted something today.