Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Feminist Icons: Joeprah?

One of the biggest debates in the feminist universe out there revolves around kids. Should we have them? How can mommies keep their feminist edge? Should mothers work, how often, and how many hours?

Both Bitch and Bust have studied the issue in depth. Feminist moms have their own blog, and Hugo Schwyzer studies topics like feminism and motherhood all the time.

Then, there's Joeprah. He's just a regular Joe out there, raising two daughters while his wife brings home the bacon. He cooks, cleans, blogs about toy grudge matches, and, best of all, dresses his little girls in boys' clothes, so they have enough room to roll around and get dirty as much as possible.

One of my biggest complaints about society today is that little girls aren't allowed to be little kids. They're supposed to always be looking ahead to that next physical milestone, when they can get their ears pierced, wear hiphuggers, get that tattoo plastered just above their rump, and marry that rich man who will take care of them for always.

If you're at work, turn down the volume on your computer; the following page links lead to sites that are equipped with sound.

At best, they're allowed to be children only as long as they can consume Rose Petal Cottages and the newest Disney Princess crap (it's a coincidence the Rose Petal Cottage ad is at the top of the Disney Princess Web site but not surprising). Don't forget about Bratz; I know I haven't.

Compared to mothers I know who obsess over their daughters receiving the most exciting pink accessories and painting them up to be younger versions of themselves, Joeprah seems to have a pretty good grasp on the whole fatherhood thing. Even with the weird stares of seeing a man out with his daughters or the well-meaning advice from women who think he's just another one of those befuddled but well-meaning dad's society likes to pawn off on us. Think According to Jim.

Today, more than ever, we need more male role models like Joeprah, who take what life gives them with a smile and a hug and doesn't complain that he could be doing more manly things like Nascar racing or fight-clubbing.

Instead, he has the most important job in the world.

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Joeprah said...

Holy crap! I am so freaking blown away about your post. It makes me feel so incredible. Wow, you are my hero! Really. Much love.