Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yay, or Boo!

In the interest of making money, I'm going to be joining a site that allows me to write about products and.... Make money off of it!!!!!!! I need monies!

So, some of my posts from now on might have "sponsored by" badges attached to them. However, I will not be writing about products I'm not familiar with, and I will not be supporting products I don't like. You will never see me gushing about the Rose Petal Cottage!!!!! (Unless the pod-people get me. Then, who knows what will happen.) So, let's see ho this goes. If it doesn't work for me, I won't stick with it.

Speaking of capitalistic opportunities, I'm having a super-serious-goth-superstar auction, because once again, I'm drowning in stuff I don't wear/use/need.

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