Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday's Fabulous Fat Chick: Marjane Satrapi (and sickness)

I know I'm actually sick when I get paranoid about my teeth. No matter how clean my teeth actually are, I decide bad oral hygiene is why my head hurts/ my tummy hurts/ I feel queasy. This is how I've been all day. Super-teeth-brushing/ sickness mode. Then, I went to what may indeed be a friend's going away party and decided my yarn falls were pulling my hair too tight and were causing my headache (which I'd had all day long). But, the show must go on. Without further ado, here she is-

Marjane Satrapi

I first found out about Marjane after reading her comic, Persepolis. Apparently, she's just made a movie based on her comic autobiography; it's showing in France, where Marjane now lives. The movie (and comic book) chronicle her childhood in Iran. Young Marjane doesn't want to wear the veil, listens to rock n roll records at home, and comes from a family where members disappear for standing against the new regime. She is eventually sent to Europe, where her parents believe she will be safer.

Marjane doesn't look fat to me, but in a Telegraph article, Sheila Johnston calls her buxom and mentions that Marjane's comic self is a lot more slender than the older, well-proportioned and healthy looking Marjane. That's good enough for me. If she's called fat in the media, she can be in my blog. Especially when her work takes such a serious and deep look at religion, government, gender roles, and so many other topics I care deeply about.

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