Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dating site reviews

Once upon a time, I was a lonely girl on the internet. I was constantly trolling for guys on Myspace, and I was signed up for Yahoo! Dating, Match.com, Matchdoctor, and who knows what else. I was a dating-site-profile-making-machine.

I've mellowed a lot since then. The only dating site I still check every once in a while is OkCupid, and that's to check to see what new quizzes they have for me to take. My favorite are the zombie survival quizzes, I love to see how I'd do in a zombie apocalypse.

I think one of the reasons I was so unfulfilled with all of my profiles was that there was no handy guide to see which ones were made for me. Fortunately, there is now a Web site dedicated to reviewing Dating Sites.

Prime Dating Sites only has a few reviews up so far, but the reviews they have could have helped me in my more desperate days.

I would have known not to bother with E Harmony. I didn't know it was a site geared towards "heterosexual singles who have marriage on the mind;" I was rejected by their matching system right off the bat.

I would have also found out about Chemistry.com, which uses scientific guidelines to connect the lovelorn together.

While the Yahoo! and Match.com reviews are accurate, they are probably the least helpful for what I was looking for.

Because, what I was really looking for was OkCupid, and I found it long after I started dating someone. As a quiz-farm, OkCupid is great. As a dating service, it's also great, because it has an IM function, a bunch of questions you can answer to match your compatibility with other people, loads of quizzes to compare others' answers to yours, blog functions, and a host of users I was interested in. While I was using the other dating sites, I never met a single person off of them, because I just couldn't find anyone I actually wanted to meet in real life.

I'm really glad Prime Dating Sites is cataloging these personals sites for Joe Normal who wants to find a date on teh interweb. However, I think OkCupid is a good place to start when they write up their next review.

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Joeprah said...

Good luck double W! Pick a dude that survives the inevitable zombie onslaught, sorry I'm taken. ;)