Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Random acts of kindness

Quite a while ago, I realized what I wanted my New Year's resolution revolution to be. I want to practice random acts of kindness next year. Fortunately, the gal over at Crafty Chica beat me too it. Kathy Murillo writes about her exciting RAOK shennanigans over the holidays in her blog.


I'm thinking about randomly giving out knitted goodies, for starters, and in the gold ol' stand by, the local coffee shop/ tea house.


WKnapik said...

Always a good idea.I think Crafty Chica's implementation is a little odd though.It doesn't have to be about buying things for people you don't know(I'm not knocking the idea.It's nice.It's also unneccessary.) .Time, though you can't buy anything with it, is just as valuable a commodity as cash or doodads.It is also often more appreciated when given.
And having a "spiel" shouldn't be neccessary.It just makes it seem like you are doing it for credit.And no one should have to make excuses for being a decent person.Hope this doesn't sounds snarky or trolly.

wendylbolm said...

No, it's all good. I'm actually obsessed with someone sneaking RAOK in, guerrilla-style. Like, reverse pickpocketing someone on the bus. Or, stuffing an envelope in someone's hand with a kind note, etc. and running away. Although, knowing me and my clumsiness/ social awkwardness, it would probably be traumatizing to the person that received the RAOK, somehow.

Anonymous said...

i dont think so...if i have the money i would buy one of your squidies or some other knitting creation..heck you know ruthy in the new year wants to start a croshay.knit art fun day which we get our artistic bent out and have fun and do art!