Monday, December 17, 2007

Looks to be a chilly night...

Sometimes I hate Florida life. It's very hot down here. From around March to mid-December, the weather is unbearable to me. I'm sweaty, grumpy, and lethargic.

However, there is one plus about living in Florida that trumps all other. Lording our winter weather over the Yankees. (Let's forget that I'm actually a Yankee for just one moment here...)

Even though I love snow, there is something to be said about the fact my tiny space heater heats my entire tiny apartment.

It's a chilly 46 degrees out there, so I thought I'd put the little baby to work tonight.

And, for those of you who demand multimedia excitement, I even took a video. I'll have it up as soon as it's accepted on YouTube. Here it is:


WKnapik said...

You're cruel.We "yankees" do have one weather advantage over you boasting Floridians:no hurricanes.On the rare occasion one does have enough strength to make it up here, it's so weak by then that it's hardly worse than a bad rainstorm.

wendylbolm said...

I love hurricanes. They're super-purty.

WKnapik said...

My uncle is from Florida.He thinks of them the same way you do.