Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dismemberment= Beauty?

But, before I get into that, Happy Channukah!!!!! My landlady and I both sported menorahs last night, but hers has electric blue lights and mine has tiny, tiny birthday candles. It's cute, though, and the candles burnt out fast, so I didn't have to worry about staying up to wait them out.

Now, onto the serious (?) stuff.

I love MAC.
I love drag queens, therefore I love MAC.
It's all very logical.

Even my friend Brady wears MAC, which proves my point that every drag queen in the world wears MAC products. (If this isn't true, dish on the makeup brands, please! I need to know, I somehow managed to weasel my way into a local drag show. And, I'm not sure if Jeffree Star counts as a drag queen, but I'm using his image. He's too pretty not to.)

Even though I love the makeup, the creative team at MAC always manages to come out with an ad, a line, or a look that really bothers me. This year, the award has to go to their Of Beauty collection; the picture I see every time I go to the Of Beauty page looks like the dismembered head of a burn victim, displayed proudly in layers of shattered glass.

Weird fashion spreads of police scenes, hangings, and all sorts of violent acts against women (think serial killer spreads) have been pretty big in the world of high fashion for a while. Why is this so? This picture looks even worse in my blog than it did on the MAC site, because at first glance you can't say, "Awwww, that's just the kind of thing the artsy-fartsy artists at MAC would do." When did dismembered, charred heads become sexy?


Joeprah said...

I think dismemberment is the next big thing! I see it everywhere. My kids lop off barbies limbs, including their heads, at an alarming rate. Not that I mind at all, but I can see now where they get it from...either that or it is the coffee I let them drink.

Keli said...

I love MAC's wide assortment of colors, but I agree, that photo is a turn off. Perhaps the next big look is going to be the fashion conscious "accident or serial killer victim." After all, it did get our attention.

PS Happy Channukah!