Monday, December 10, 2007

Using the Pay Per Post system

So far, writing for Pay Per Post has been pretty easy. And, yesterday I found two writing gigs I wanted to write for; two gigs I would have written on my own, eventually. They were the Sweeney Todd post and the camera post.

I think I might start a new blog and transfer my PPPing to that blog. It will be a review blog for blogs, the internet, and general life things. It's just a little weird writing about serious feminist/ world issues in one post and promoting something in another. Which is itself weird, since I would have eventually written each of the PPP posts.

I think my biggest bit of weirdness is from their link system. Instead of using my own words, I have to copy and paste their links directly. So, the Pay Per Post link has to say make money. However, since this is advertising blogging, I can see why they would do something like that; they want their links to be eye catching.

And, really, I am already making money with the PPP system. More than I'm making with the 451 Press system, even though I've been writing for 451 for two months now. I'm making more in two days with PPP than I've made in two months with 451. There's definitely an upside to that.

The PPP system also gives me more freedom. I make a blog on whatever category i want, then I categorize it in the system and submit it for review. The review takes a while, but I didn't have any problems with it. 451 gave me the blog they wanted me to use, which was awkward to begin with, because I was taking over someone else's work and turning it into my own.

I also like that PPP has a variety of opportunities on their site, and the opportunities seem to be updated frequently. I had no trouble finding the Sweeney Todd or camera opps on my first glance at their bulletin boards. They were straightforward with what they wanted, and I didn't feel any moral twinges at accepting the jobs they offered.

Unfortunately, I don't have much to say about the pay system yet. I don't get paid for 29-30 days. Then, the money should be wired to my PayPal account. It seems simple enough, and the system counts down the days for me and alerts me if it has any problems. Soon, theoretically I will have a steady cash flow coming in. It gives me at least a partial sense of security; I now have what amounts to a steady job that will give me extra spending money while I'm in school. That's good; I get into way too many tight spots they way I'm running my finances now.

If I get enough money from this thing, I'm going to buy this. I'll get a pretty good discount if I buy it at the school computer store before I graduate. My laptop PC is falling apart.

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Joeprah said...

Best wishes, I suck at monetizing my blog...never been able to.