Friday, December 7, 2007

In lieu of Friday's Fabulous Fat Chick...

I aim to misbehave.

Okay, I admit that's a pretty bad pun/ Serenity reference to start out a post about Missbehave.

I fell in love with this magazine a few months back when I noticed it at a local Barnes and Noble. Lo and behold, I saw it at my campus bookstore a few days ago and picked up the newest copy. I also plan on mailing in my subscription form in the next couple of days.

This magazine is the perfect brain candy for me, because it combines real women and bright, hot fashion. It's the new Paper with a more girly feel. (Not that I'll ever be able to truly give up my Paper addiction.)

Not only was this issue filled with enough club trends to keep me going for at least the next few weeks, but there was also an entire feature dedicated to my new obsession: ball-jointed dolls. I didn't know I was in desperate need of a $1,000 doll before reading that article. For cheaper dolls, check out this site. Even better yet, one girl's site dedicated to her dollies.

Yes, Missbehave is a glossy fashion magazine, and no, I do not usually read glossy fashion magazines dedicated to the newest advances in fake fingernails and hoodies. But, as far as glossies go, Missbehave is light years ahead of the times. They even have real-looking women (i.e. not suffering from eating disorders) all over their pages. So, because I love torturing my readers today (see above salivations over uber-expensive dolls), here's a breakdown.

Inside cover: Yay, a picture of a beautiful young girl in a loose-fitting tee and bulky skirt. I.e. something normal girls wear.
P. 33: Picture of a real subscriber! Yes, people who read the magazine actually get to be in it.
P. 49: Okay, with the clothes the girl is wearing, I can't really tell how much she weighs, but it's yet another picture of a young woman who isn't being exploited for being rail-thin.
P. 63: A beautifully done picture of a young woman and her dollie. The woman has short, curly red hair, glasses, and is definitely nowhere near a size 2. It's refreshing.
P. 64: A cute couple poses with their ornately bedecked dollies; the girl's dress matches her dollie and both real people look deliciously indie.
P. 66: Even better yet, a picture of a woman over a size 16. Are magazines even allowed to do that? Granted it's not an ad or photo spread, but I don't see many large-and-lovely folks in other fashion mags unless they make millions of dollars a year and are supposed to "inspire" the rest of us dregs.
P. 84: To me, it looks like the models in the shoot are a loving lesbian couple, one has piercings and wild hair. Fabulous!
P. 94: A two page spread of real women found clubbing. (No celebrities in sight, unless you count the fact that most of the women profiled are indie DJs, fashion designers, and musical artists.)

Like I said before, I find all of this very refreshing. When I find magazines and media outlets that show women as I see or want to see them, I support them with my money. No more emaciated figures and pop-star wannabes for me.

I just wish they'd add a bit more content. DIY apartment decorating, simple recipes for the glam and lazy, and fashion tips for bigger girls would all be much-appreciated.

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