Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I need a better bed!

I'm posting this because, thanks to the sleep I just got, with my worn out mattress and two cats, I am obsessed with buying a new mattress/ mattress pad.

Right now, my mattress sags in the middle, making it impossible for me to get comfortable. It dips all the way down to box spring. I have a foam mattress pad and two blankets on the mattress for added cushioning, but they don't work. They do, however, bunch up in uncomfortable places.

Eventually, I'll probably get enough money together to go to Target and get a feather mattress. I used to sleep on a feather mattress all the time, and the experience was so much better than I'm having now...

Even better than a feather mattress, and something I definitely can't afford, is a Temperpedic mattress.

I've only slept on a Temperpedic once, and it was heaven. Angel Beds offers Temper-pedic type beds for lower prices, so when I have enough money to replace my entire mattress, I might consider buckling down and getting one of their memory foam mattresses. I'm always a bit put off by the memory foam mattress pads they have at department stores, because they seem so thin... A mattress seems like a much better option for me. Until then... An eight inch thick feather bed is in my future.

This post was sponsored by AngelBeds.

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